Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Release Date Announcement(s)

I have been working on this book since the release of Shadows and Embers, and I'm really proud to be announcing a solid release date. Today I finished the formatting for the ebook and the paperback proof is either in my mailbox or will arrive tomorrow. Needless to say, I did not waste any time. The release is actually a lot closer than you might have imagined.
August 1st, ladies and gentlemen, is when Thicker Than Blood will be available on purchase. You will be able to purchase via Amazon, Createspace, Amazon UK, Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, etc. Can't wait and don't want to miss out? Add the book on Goodreads to find all purchase links and more.
The release party will also be hosted on August 1st and be an all day event. If you're interested in participating, sign up. We want to spread the word about Alaire's story as much as we can, and you've all been amazingly supportive. 
I realize August 1st is right around the corner. I'll admit it was a tough decision to make, especially when that date is closely approaching. However, everyone has waited long enough for the release of this book. I have everything ready, and I don't want to hold it back any longer than necessary. Please sign up for the release party before it's too late, and you earn a chance to win a FREE copy of Thicker Than Blood. Winners will be chosen randomly from those who participate in the release party.
What about a preorder?
I am considering the option to offer pre-order here on the blog, and if this happens I will be sharing that information with you as soon as possible. I would love to offer pre-order to people who can't wait to get their hands on the book. If this does become available you'll be able to pay via Paypal. Your order would be placed on August 1st as soon as the book goes live for purchase. I'll have more details tomorrow as I favor this idea. 

Time is ticking, but everything is done and ready. I'll be updating all of my information wherever I talked about the book and add in the release date. I can't wait to be sharing Alaire's story with you, and I hope you're excited as well. Feel free to share the news or tweet about it using #ThickerThanBloodRelease
More details as well as several "countdown" posts will go live over the next couple days. In the meantime leave a comment and share what you're most excited about for the upcoming adventure. Who was Alaire before he met Celestria, and how will that affect his future?
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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