Thursday, August 14, 2014

Character Trading Card: Nicia

Designing a trading card relating to characters in my books has been a dream of mine for quite some time now. Finally I came across a blog that reminded me I still had yet to make one. I'm very pleased to reveal the first trading card I created. I combined both front and back into a collage so you could see the final result.
The front:

On the front of the trading card is the cover for Shadows and Embers, which is the book where Nicia played a major role and also had her first appearance. I really took a look at the colors and the calmness of the color and worked to bring that over onto the flip side.
The back:
The backside of the card required more work, but I really enjoyed working on it. The model image is one I purchased previously about a year ago from Shutterstock. I love using this model to represent Nicia or help promote SandE. Anyways, as for the design I came up with it on my own. I chose light blue colors and a white background because it fit along with the cover image of the book. It also matched nicely with the image of the model. At the top we have the series, book number, and below is Nicia's name fully written out. To the right of the model's picture is Nicia's role, her species, and her hometown location. On the bottom is a quote Nicia said in Shadows and Embers, and underneath of that is a link to my website. The black designs around the corners was an additional item I added because I felt it made it look fancier and still not too hectic.

As for where I downloaded the template for the trading card, you can visit Romance Trading Cards. I downloaded the template from there to have the correct size image to work with, and then cleared it all out to start from scratch.
I have more ideas of characters I'd like to design trading cards for, and who knows maybe I'll bring these along to book events or offer them during giveaways. I do plan to make more for the entire series, so if you have a request just leave it below in the comments. I'll be updating my Extras page to include the trading card (and future ones) for anyone who is interested. 
What do you think of the trading card? It is my first, and I have many more ideas, but I really love that this can also be a promotional tool for authors to use.

Bloodline Inheritance Update:
As for my newest project I am 19k into the book and still working hard. Now and again I run into a few moments where I need to plan what comes next. Ideally I think by September or October I will release more news about the book. Once I decide on a date I will post it on here.
Until next time, enjoy your summer and grab a good book to read.
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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