Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Leal's third return

Since the release of Thicker Than Blood the fans and I have talked a lot about Alaire. I couldn't help but be excited that he would finally be telling his story to the world. Who haven't I talked about that has also been major in the series? Handsome Leal, of course.
If you read the teaser posted during the cover reveal a while back you found out Leal returns for a third time in the series. This isn't a spoiler; I decided Leal's return was something I did not want to hide from the audience. Also, that particular scene shared in the teaser is a favorite of mine, so I decided it was worth revealing his identity. 

Leal's first appearance in the series was in book one, Cursed With Power. In the first book Leal was the first Dark magician we met (not including Celestria). I must admit he's grown a lot since that first appearance. By book two, Shadows and Embers, Leal took control of the story and gave us insight into Destin, the Dark magician organization. This was a huge moment for him; he finally narrated the story and told us about past events Celestria never knew about. He lived through some shocking and tragic events, but in the end his true colors showed through. In the third and newest installment, Thicker Than Blood, Leal returns for a third time. He returns with his clever remarks, good looks, and those stylish vests. What's more to love?
In all honesty, deciding to bring Leal back was never a difficult decision to make. He's grown on me, and especially after SandE I've learned more about the man he is. Now when I look back at the books I can see his development and how he has strengthened as a character. And to think when I first started this series in 2010 I had no ideal what influence Leal would have on the story. Fortunately, there have been many characters who have effected the story. Leal's story changed significantly from what I originally had planned out for him to what he experiences now throughout the series. 

What are your thoughts on Leal? Between Leal and Alaire who is your favorite? And what might Leal's third return mean for the other characters?
Hopefully later this year we'll see the possibility of Leal's story coming to life via audiobook. Until then let's see where the third book takes Leal.
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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