Thursday, April 28, 2011

If your character can deal with it, you can

The crazy part about rejections is that when you read those dreaded words in the letter, you feel very alone.  Even though we know there are other writers --thousands of writers, for all we know--going through the exact same process.  Our family, friends, and loved ones do not know how to react when they hear the news.  I mean, if you were them what would you think to say?  "I'm sorry", "You'll get accepted soon.", "Don't give up." The hardest thing is grasping that they might never understand what it feels like, but we have to appreciate what they do say.
The way I look at it is this, we put our characters through Hell --some of them lose people close to them, others die in fights, a few of them even keep dangerous secrets that only continue to hurt them both mentally and physically.  If we as writers can kill off a character in one chapter or separate two lovers without a second thought, then we can also accept each rejection letter.  And every time I feel bad about the rejection letter I've read, I think about my book and the nightmares I've forced Celestria to deal with.  If she had to live without knowing how her sister died, can't I live with another rejection?
The real reason I'm telling you all of this is not to bore you, but to rather allow you and I to come closer.  Through rejections, I feel like only us writers can help one another.  And sure I've been talking about rejections for several days now on this blog --and you probably hate me for it--but this is the only place I can go and truly express my feelings about this long and brutal process.

For now I'll let that all sink in and get back to writing.  Either that or just sit back and read Fallen.

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