Monday, April 4, 2011

New Life **official summary**

This post is coming a bit later than I intended, but don't think I forgot about this.
If you follow the Magicians series, the official summary for this book will be nothing new for you.  For those of you who do not, I want to share this with you because even though the two blogs contain different information I want you to remember about the books I'm writing my heart into.  (Or at least that's what I am aiming toward.)  Enough about that already.  Let me share the OFFICIAL SUMMARY with you. 

Official summary: 

Léal had changed his looks because he wanted to; he was forced to change his life because he had to.
"I could hardly believe it myself—I probably wouldn’t have if it was not everywhere. I can see it in people’s eyes now... Nothing is going to be as it was in the past."
Léal had changed everything about his looks: the way he dressed, the length and color of his hair, and the way he walked. He had done it all because he could and because he wanted to. 

After meeting another Dark magician named Celestria, Léal comes to realize that he must change his life while he has the chance. He also discovers that he has feelings for her but she seems un-attracted to him, and he certainly does not expect to ever see her again after she sends him away.
Then in the darkest of times he finds that he can reach out to Celestria. They join together again with the help of a third Dark magician, Alaire Sencler. Now, though he is in good company of people he knows and trusts, what happens next is almost certain. Léal must change his life. It is either adjust or suffer, and he is not sure which is worst.

As always I am curious and interested in hearing your thoughts on the summary.  Whether you like it or not, this is the summary so far for New Life.  Knowing me, I'll probably revise the summary 20 times because let's face it I killed CWP's summary before I decided on what I was comfortable with to represent the book.  I'm excited about starting the sequel, but I am being completely honest when I say it will probably be a while before I even know where to begin with the book. There's still so much that I need to attend to for Cursed with Power.  
I'll keep you updated with how matters move along.
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The summary sounds great! What an exciting story.

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