Saturday, June 18, 2011


There are numerous struggles we endure with each passing day.  Sometimes we ask ourselves how we will make it through them; other times we try to forget.
I remember once asking my boyfriend if he believed that God watched over us --just two ordinary teenagers with struggles, dreams, love...  I asked him once and I recall him saying, "I don't know, but I want to believe that He does."  One night I fell to sleep and I realized God does watch over us, and even though sometimes we feel worried and scared and alone we never truly are.  I'm not just talking about God here; I'm talking about the people in our lives.  You know the guy you talk to every night and tells you "I love you" before you fall to sleep.
Too many times we let worry and fright overwhelm us.  The beauty of life is we have a destiny of our own to make, people we can love and show our love to, and hope.  Hope, that one thing that never dies so long as we have something to hold onto.  So whether it's your book, your stuffed bear, or the words he tells you before you go to sleep --hold onto all of that and never let it slip away.

Be there for the magic:


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