Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reflection on writing

It's been a while since I posted and for that I apologize.  As you may have read, my grandma recently passed away and this week has consisted of planning out the funeral.  As for myself, I have been spending time thinking.  Though it may seem like all I have done is think, I actually have done a lot in regards to outlining New Life.  My boyfriend says it would be good for me to start something so I can be writing again --today I'm going to take his advice.  I'm going to begin writing the prologue to New Life, and though I've been thinking about it a lot I have an idea of how it will work out.  I'll talk about this more on the Magicians series blog, but in the mean time I would like to reflect on where my writing started and where it is now.
What inspired me to write this post was Jaclyn Dolamore's own post about how she has grown as a writer.  You can read it for yourself: here.  Now I would like the time to share with you my own experience.

The Magic of Light was my first book --also the first one that I completed.  I began writing this book at the age of 12, and at the time it seemed like nothing could stop me.  I wrote every single day, and when I finished the book I sent it out to agents and publishers.  It's been five years since I started this book, which was ultimately what inspired me to continue writing.  Even though now I have realized the problems in The Magic of Light and accepted it won't be my first book to be published, this is where the dream and the passion started.  If I hadn't gone through the journey with Trisha and Keith as they battled against their enemies I wouldn't be where I am today.  (Read it online: here)
After my first book, it was difficult to find something to get into again.  I wanted to write the sequel to The Magic of Light, which is titled Guard the Sacred, but instead I began off of a fresh idea.  I took eight new characters that were going to be in Guard the Sacred and wrote Everblue.  With this book I was eager to keep writing and figure out how everything would end, but sadly when Nanowrimo began and I worked on No Mist for two months.  Unfortunately neither books were ever finished, but if I had to chose which one to go back to it would be Everblue.  The story is interesting and the characters are likable; it just takes time and patience.
Going Back Home was another book I worked on around the time I put aside my other two books.  It was about a girl, Christine, who got lost in the forest with another teenager.  (Heard it before, right?)  
Eventually I stopped writing those books and had this new idea.  The story about a criminal living among the royal family.  Certain Fate was a book I was intrigued by for a good while.  It never reached 10k to be public on inkpop, but it wasn't because of the story that I put it to the side.  I thought of something new that I couldn't hold off any longer.
By 17 I was writing Cursed with Power during the summer.  Here I am a year later and all in all it hasn't been too bad of a year.  The rejections still come in now and then, but now that I have the Magicians series to work on at least I have a stable working system for myself.  

Enough of my rambling, right?  Hope this was somewhat interesting, even though I know what I've written over the years has bounced around a lot --so to speak.  Happy Tuesday!
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