Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Upcoming: New Life, sequel to Cursed with Power

Perhaps I've never understand after all this time, Léal.  This time I'm ready to listen.  I want to know.

Léal returns in New Life to narrate the sequel of Cursed with Power.  Even though we met him in the first book, we learn a lot about him in this upcoming sequel.  He tells us of dangerous secrets, fears, and of the magical world.   

It's 1573 and Léal has become accustomed to the dirty looks towns people give him and the poor condition his mother is in.  However, everything spins around for him when an announcement becomes public about five Dark magicians remaining alive.
His best friend, Alaire, returns to the city of Celvont.  He's changed after the years and there is a bitterness in his tone.   It may be perhaps because of the engagement his fiancee ended or simply the darkness.  Having no family and no one to love, he has become a man with nothing to lose.
There's Celestria, who Léal meets in Deloys for a short period of time.  He is instantly attracted to her, but she shows no emotions toward him and pushes him away.
With Esmour dead and lives at stake, hope is hanging by a thread.  Alaire's health declines, Léal falls in love with a woman who has no interest in their relationship, and fate has twisted the world into chaos.  The lives of five people may lay in the hands of a dead man. 
 In the new upcoming sequel, you'll learn more about the magical world.  You can finally determine for yourself what to think of Léal.  More importantly, familiar characters return in a journey about destiny and fate.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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