Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leal's comeback and BookFestPA 2013

Decided to change the title of the upcoming sequel to Cursed With Power.  As you might recall it was originally titled Punished With Destiny, but this new change in title should be permanent unless my publisher decides otherwise.Cover is NOT official.  Credit to model
I've been hesitant about revealing the new and permanent title for the upcoming sequel that's releasing this spring because I wanted to be positive it was here to stay before I announced it.  Over these past six months I've been writing the sequel, and honestly the title "Punished With Destiny" never really stood out to me.  Now that the book is finally finished and I'm focusing on publication, I had to decide if the title was what I wanted to see in print.  And it wasn't.  I apologize in advance that this might take some time to get used to, seeing as I've been saying the title for the book is PWD for so long, but I feel much more confident with this new one.  Darkness and light are a big part of the Magicians series, and I feel like this title really shows that.  It can be interrupted in numerous different ways, and I think it also gives it a bit more mystery.  The new title is Shadows and Embers, and that is the title I will be presenting to my publisher.
Currently I'm running through edits before I send it to my published to make sure everything's in the right place, but after that we can focus on Leal's comeback.  I am still planning the giveaway, and I apologize in advance that I have no idea when we will start on it.  I have to decide whether to do it before or after the release of Shadows and Embers, but it's coming very soon I can promise you that.

In other news, we have a very exciting event coming up.  I have been accepted to BookFestPA this year and will be attending the event as an author.  I'll be sharing a tent with another author -I don't know who yet-but I'm very excited about this.  This is the first event we've had for Cursed With Power in a couple months.  BookFestPA is July 13th from 10am to 5pm in State College, PA.  I live in Maryland, so for me (and my boyfriend who always accompanies me) it'll be a three hour trip just to get there.  If you think you'll be near the area or can make the trip there I would love for you to come out and support the authors who are attending.  So far the official list for the 2013 authors hasn't been listed on their site, but they're working to update it, and I'll post something when it goes up.  
Since the event isn't until July, I'm also hoping that Shadows and Embers will have already been released by then.  I'll have copies of both Cursed With Power and the sequel -though I can't guarantee the sequel just yet- available for purchase, and as always I'll be signing copies.  If you already own a copy of CWP please bring it a long, and I'd be happy to sign it for you.  I will also have business cards, bookmarks, and some other goodies available at my table if you're interested.  
I'll post all of the details again when the date is sooner approaching.  Until then we have a lot of work ahead and more to look forward to.  I'm back to editing and my work for Entranced Publishing, but hope everyone enjoys this wonderful weather we're having!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


Raven Paramour said...

Where can we request ARC copies? And now you are working for Entranced Publishing as an editor?

Lindsey said...

I emailed my publisher about it. I hadn't asked about ARCs for when Cursed With Power released, but I told him that people have been asking about ARCs for the sequel and it's something they'd be interested in, so I'll wait to get the official word on that.

And I'm working as a publicist for Entranced Publishing.

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