Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

I was unable to post yesterday because obviously it was Christmas, but I thought I'd post today and everyone would be understanding and forgive me.
Hopefully you didn't start your morning out like Buddy did. (As you can see in the photo.)

I had a lovely Christmas, and I hope all of you did as well.  I am always amazed that there are people in this world who follow my blog(s) and can listen to all the madness and insanity I bring up.  You have no idea ho w much respect I have for every single one of you.
As you know, this was my first year blogging.  It's been absolutely amazing!  I love blogging --as if you couldn't tell--and I have met so many fabulous people who I now call my friends because of this.
Through the good, the bad, the writing, the writer's block, the frustration, and everything else in between.... THANK YOU.  I have been blessed to have people like all of you to support me.

Hugs to everyone:)

Be there for the magic: And when you visit, find out about the Cursed with Power 2010 awards!

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You're welcome, :D

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