Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars...

This is a post to all of the writers out there who believe that airplanes could be in the night sky like shooting stars. For every writer is dreaming to get farther with what they are writing.

Sometimes you wish that what you write could be like the sun and light up the whole world. Often you are dying to get everything down on paper the right way. You're working day and night to put all of your heart and soul into this one story, and sometimes you can't even go to sleep because your mind is so stuck on the story. The characters become the story and the story becomes your life. Are you going to want to give up? Of course, that's perfectly normal. Will you give up? No, not really because deep down inside you know that you can't give up. Look at how much time you've already spent on the story. Look at all of the words that have already formed chapters. Despite how badly you may feel you need to give in and give up, in all truth you cannot now. So keep on writing because one day someone will realize and acknowledge everything you put into your writing. If it's not today, it will be soon.

Happy writing,

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Riv Re said...

You've gotten an award over at my blog! Go check it out! (Post will not be ready if you read this immediately after I'm posting it.)

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