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Better Relationship Saturdays: Trisha and Keith vs. Sasha and Jaime

I realize it's not Saturday, but I've taken the time to write this as if it is Saturday so hopefully someone will be grateful.
Better Relationship Saturdays are days on the blog where I contrast two different relationships from a book (or two different books) of mine.  Pictures are not accurate representations, but are merely to show the difference between the two.  Relationships do not necessarily have to be romantic; therefore friends, family, and enemies count as well.  If you have your own opinion of a relationship from one of my books, or you’d like me to bring it up in the next BRS post please leave a comment.  Remember to leave a comment with your opinion.  Enjoy!
Trisha and Keith (from The Magic of Light and the Lights trilogy)

Jaime and Sasha (from The Craft within Us)

Trisha and Keith are two main characters in The Magic of Light.  They also appear in the last two books in the Light trilogy --Guard the Sacred and Footprints in the Desert).  Their relationship in The Magic of Light is nothing advanced.  However, a special bond forms between them because at first they know nothing about one another, and then as the book progresses they come closer and closer to each other.  The two learn to trust one another when everything is extremely dark and the world is bitter.
Trisha is one to doubt herself.  She wants to believe there is more she can do, but she needs someone to tell her she can.  For her, this person becomes Keith.  Despite whatever doubts she has in herself, he can always bring her to feeling more confident.  She comes to him about anything.
Keith wants to be more than what he is.  He wants to be a knight, but that road is a long one he has yet to finish out.  It is Trisha who reminds him that she sees him for who he is and he does not need to be a knight to impress her.  Even when he is scared, Trisha's discomfort allows him to reassure both her and himself.
Both being able to speak with one another telepathically --through their thoughts--brings them closer to one another.  As their friendship grows and begins to show something more, their magic also improves.
Dialog between Keith and Trisha:
(Telepathic conversation)
Trisha: Why do you put so much faith in me?  Besides, you will become much finer a magician than I. 
Keith: You’re my best friend. For me, this journey has seemed both long and short, but I hope at some point you will see that I am a man of my word.  There is no guarantee that you or anyone else will become amazing, but it all depends on who helps you, and I am willing to do that for you Trisha.  You would do the same for me, and without knowing it, you are.  
Jaime and Sasha are very different from Trisha and Keith.  Jaime and Sasha appear in the upcoming book The Craft within Us.  They have an evident romantic relationship.
Jaime is a French teenage boy.  He snoops around in town, and he hears and sees what he probably shouldn't, but he's 18 and he wants an excuse to get away from his adoptive family.  It's not that his family treats him bad, but there is something that keeps them from truly bonding  By sneaking away at night, he can see the lives of the people in town.  The secrets and other sides of themselves they keep hidden.  He's all for causing trouble and knowing anything and everything.  Of course, that was before he met Sasha...
Sasha enters the town and knows everything and everybody.  No one has ever seen her before, but they are all thinking the same thoughts. She looks like Sabella... Sasha meets Sabella, and they are a splitting image of each other.  They almost look too closely alike, and it is then that Sabella and Sasha find out they are twins.  Or rather, they were twins.  As Sasha begins to tell of who she really is and how she has arrived, she realizes Jaime is eavesdropping.  When she goes to confront him she's willing to take his life, but the moment he talks everything changes...
The two teenagers begin to fall in love with each other.  They spend their nights sneaking away from the town and going to an old ritual area.  As secrets are revealed and Jaime slowly begins to understand who Sasha is, there is a question lingering in the air: Can their love last?
Dialog between Jaime and Sasha:
(note this may change)
Jaime: Do not tease me.  Why must our lips touch if there is nothing between us?
Sasha: I would never tease you, Jaime.  You know how I feel.  I love you.... Ja'ime.
Be there for the magic:


Anonymous said...

The Craft within Us sounds great! I can't wait to read it!

I'm not sure what my opinion is on these too, since I've not read the Craft within Us, and only one chapter of Magic of Light (I've been meaning to read more.)

I love your Better Friendship Saturdays, I'm glad you posted even though it isn't Saturday anymore.

BTW, I think you should do Selena and Bryant with...someone else, for next Saturday, :D.

LReneeS said...

Selena and Bryant, all right will do. Thanks for the suggestion.
And thanks. I'm looking forward to starting it. I understand what you mean; it's hard even for me to decide.

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