Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amazon, giveaways, and local readings!

So since the release, I didn't mean to fall off the Earth and seem like I had abandoned you guys. To be honest, it's a been a bit of a crazy week with school and the release.  But I have good -no exciting news!  Cursed With Power is officially available on Amazon now.  I realize I didn't post the links when it actually came out on Amazon... So here I am doing it late!
US paperback
US Kindle

I'll post the links to the UK versions when I come back later on.
Besides that, yes I did order both business cards and bookmarks.  The bookmarks were just ordered, so we're waiting on those... But I do have a surprise for Alaire fans.  I won't say just yet -hence the "surprise"-but I'm hoping you'll enjoy it!  Definitely giveaway material!

Now before I rush over to my next class -time flies by!-I'll also let you in on one more secret... I've been finding places where I can read excerpts from Cursed With Power. Conveniently enough they're all in the Baltimore area, which is nearby for me, family, and friends (seeing as we all live in Maryland). Should I choose to attend these events, I will be posting the information on here as well as on my official website.  For those of you who don't live in Maryland, I realize you won't be able to make it -but I'll ask my friends to get pictures or video and I'll post it up!
Oh and lastly before I go, guess what someone bought these week (not me; a friend):

A friend of mine purchased CWP on kindle today!

So excited!!!!! I love my readers/fans -you’re all awesome :D
Remember to send in pictures when your book arrives!
Coming up next: The ideal cast for Cursed With Power. Who will make it to the list?
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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