Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Magicians series: Progression through the years

When I talk to people about the Magicians series the first book I always mention is Cursed With Power. CWP holds a special place in my heart, especially since it was my first published book. Even so, from the very beginning of Celestria’s story I knew there was more than one story to be told. There were other Dark magicians I was curious about and had ideas for, and slowly their lives have come to life in their own books. I love being able to dedicate each book to a different magician. For me personally it helps me walk in their shoes, and for the readers my goal is to help them understand each story is worth telling. Celestria reunited Leal and Alaire, Leal gave us crucial insight into Destin, and Alaire led us into the world of foreseers (quite literally actually).
Since 2010 when CWP was idea forming in my head to presently this series has been development. Each year it has grown with me, and I have become fond of the characters and the story. It’s great to see different people at different points in the story; some having just started Celestria’s story and others asking me where Alaire’s story is. Who knew five Dark magicians had this much to tell to keep the series going? I certainly think I underestimated the power of their stories. I love reading series, and writing them has always been a passion of mine as well. I’m glad my first couple of years as an author has been spent writing this series. It’s also bizarre to think by approximately 2015 the series will most likely be at the end.
Dialog between Alaire and Leal in Shadows and Embers
In the first book Celestria and Leal are seventeen, and at the time I had written the book I really connected with them. I understood their teenage mindset, and now as the series has progressed they’ve started growing on me. In Shadows and Embers Leal mentions feeling too “old” for a mission, and Alaire reminds him he’s only a teenager. The younger characters of the series are maturing, but I love the feeling that I have grown along with them.
To this day Celestria’s story remains important to me. It was the story that took me out of childish-like books and into the YA genre. She helped me find a story with writing that I have continually supported and dedicated my time to. Overall, I’ll be sad to see the series end. I know the ending is much closer than I realize, and each time I write these kind of posts I wonder how time has caught up to me. Regardless, there is definitely more to come before the end of the series. We have yet to find out what happens to the protagonists. I would say this is my midway reflection, and I will do another reflection when I reach the last book of the series.
I hope you have enjoyed the series as much as I have. We don’t have to say goodbye yet, but in about two years we’re going to be introduced to a new book. I don’t know what it will be about yet, and that’s the fun of it all: the suspense and mystery. For now, let’s see how this series come to a conclusion.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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