Friday, June 20, 2014

First Proof Copy Ordered

All the edits were posted onto my computer copy of Thicker Than Blood on Wednesday night, and yesterday I was finally able to order the first proof copy of the book. Proof copies are one of the wonderful benefits of self publishing. For Shadows and Embers I ordered two separate proofs: one when the book was in the works and titled “Punished With Destiny” and the other before publishing it live on Createspace. I love seeing what my book will physically look like before releasing it to the public.
The proof I ordered will be the one I can read through for my last rounds of edits and also 
to see the formatting. I have some work to do in regards to formatting, but I wanted a hard copy of the book so it’s easier to flip through and see what needs fixing. A lot of new material was added to the book, including a new scene and chapter including narration from the 4th Dark magician’s POV. If you’re wondering who the fourth Dark magician is, I encourage you to read Shadows and Embers. So far in the series this character has not had any narration scenes until now, and I’m excited to see how readers react. 
With the new material added in, the total numbers of chapters went from 28 to 30. Due to everything not being finalized, I cannot say the accurate total page numbers. 
original proof of SandE
Fortunately, I will be sharing pictures of the proof copies on July 5th during the cover reveal. 
This is a very exciting time, and I’m eager to show you the cover and also a preview of the paperback copy. All in due time, my friends; the wait is almost over.
original proof of CWP

I collected together pictures of my previous proof copies. Fortunately I even have the first proof copy of CWP, which I was thrilled about when I first received it years ago. Since then every time I order a proof I’ve been just as excited, if not more. 
Now that I’m reaching the final stages of preparations for publication I hope to share more. I’ll be 
posting up a countdown for the cover reveal, and once I know the release date for TTB I will post that on here as well.

Before I go I do want to remind you to sign up for the cover reveal. There is still plenty of time to 
sign up if you’re interested. I've already sent out emails tonight, so if you did sign up be sure to check your email for the materials. If you sign up next week or a couple days before July 5th, don’t worry. I’ll see you signed up and send you over the necessary material. I am grateful to everyone who has signed up already; the responses have been outstanding. This cover reveal might include the most amount of participants we’ve ever had. I truthfully could not do this without your support; thank you!
Lindsey R. Sablowski
Thicker Than Blood’s official cover is being revealed July 5th -an all day event. Don’t forget to sign up.
Excited for the release of Thicker Than Blood this August? Add the book to your “want to read” list on Goodreads today.


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