Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thicker Than Blood Cover Reveal sign up

Finally one of the most exciting parts before releasing the book: the cover reveal. The official cover reveal for Thicker Than Blood will be hosted on July 5th. On that day both the official cover and the book jacket will be revealed. I will be hosting the main event on all of my social media websites, but I need your help. This event would not be nearly as exciting as it is without your participation.
Now the form is up on Google Docs for you to fill out. I tried to keep it simple and explain as much as I could. If you are on several social media sites daily I encourage you to post it on as many as possible. The more we promote the cover the more notoriety the book can receive from the audience. I know a lot of people who have participated in past cover reveals, and I would love to have your support once again.
If you choose to be a part of the reveal, I’ll be contacting you and everyone else with the exact details. I will explain several here for you to see how this event will turn out. On July 5th the cover reveal will be begin in the AM hours. I plan on writing up my post several days early and choosing a time in the morning for it to be posted. July 5th is a Saturday, so if you feel like you’ll sleep in or be busy I encourage you to plan ahead so it’s still posted on reveal day. Participants revealing the blog cannot post the cover before July 5th. I’ve had this cover since October 2013, and we want it to be a surprise. Please don’t ruin the surprise for everyone else. I’ve never had this problem before, but I am mentioning it to ensure we don’t run into it.
I will be encouraging people I know to sign up, even if they’re only going to post it on Facebook or Twitter. Any participation helps, and those of you who helped me out in the past have been a great support. If you know someone who would like to participate in this event, please send them the form and encourage them to contact me.

I am very excited the cover reveal is only a month away. Be sure to fill out the form, and I’ll be contacting those who are interested before July 5th. Thank you for all of your ongoing support.

Lindsey R. Sablowski


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