Thursday, June 12, 2014

Alaire Sencler and his story

Every story is worth telling about a person, whether they are fictional or not. Alaire's story on becoming a character and developing through the series is one my favorite. I think during this time while we're awaiting the release of Thicker Than Blood it's important to take a closer look at our main character. This time around the story will be told from Alaire's point of view.

Way back in 2010 Alaire was nothing more than a name in my journal, waiting for an assigned role in Cursed With Power. There were many other contenders, and unfortunately the first time around he did not have any role in the book. When I finished the first original version of CWP and started rewriting the book Alaire was extremely important to the story. It came down to choosing whether Leal or Alaire would save Celestria during her first encounter with Aldemund. As you might have guessed, I chose Alaire. At the time I didn't know anything about him. I hadn't decided who he would become in the series and his full potential. All the same, he was important to me and became important to Celestria. From the moment I placed him in the story his potential grew and strengthened to the point where he became a main character. This was his "birth."
Because he saved her...
Now we know him to be a member of Destin, someone Esmour favored, and Leal's best friend. We've seen him grow and develop throughout the series. In CWP we were introduced to him from Celestria's point of view. She, like us, had only just met him and Shadows and Embers, we were able to see Alaire from Leal's perspective. All the while Alaire's past, present, and future developed.
was curious about who this Dark magician might be. Then in the sequel,
One of the greatest parts about being an author is seeing how readers react to your characters. Alaire and Celestria are often times loved characters from the stories, and they've taken me on quite the journey. I love the positive feedback I receive about these characters, and I'm hoping Alaire's story will especially mean a lot to readers who adored him.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little more into Alaire and his development as a character. I have a long list of posts to keep us busy while waiting for the release of TTB. If you have any requests you want to send in or questions, contact me and I'll include them on the blog. I'm about to be ordering the first proof copy of Thicker Than Blood, which I'm really excited about. Fortunately I'll be able to share the pictures on or after July 5th (cover reveal day!).
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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