Sunday, June 1, 2014

Reflection: May's Editing Progress

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Happy first day of June! I feel as though time has flown by in regards to spring, but here we are in a new month. Today I realized in two months my third book, Thicker Than Blood, will be releasing. While I am as excited as my readers, it also reminds me of all the work ahead of me. So let's see what's left to be finished...
In May I almost reached my goal. I made it to 70% through round 1 edits. While ideally I would have liked to complete it entirely, I only have 11 more chapters to edit through before I'm finished. Very doable. About thirteen or more need to be typed up with the new edits onto my computer, but after that I can focus on June's objective: round 2 edits. My plan at the moment is once everything is typed up and ready I will order my first proof copy of the book. This way it's easier for me to read through the entire book again and make note of anything major that needs to be added in, deleted, or explained. Fortunately I have more than enough time to complete this, so I don't feel like I'm rushing to reach the end goal.
The exciting part about you for you guys will be signing up for the cover reveal and hearing more about the book. I'll be posting the sign up sheet for the cover reveal in the next couple of days, and the reveal will take place in early July. The sign up sheet will have the date on it. Looking back at my previous books, Cursed With Power had its cover reveal on August 31, 2012 (then releasing September 7th) and Shadows and Embers had its cover reveal on July 16, 2013 (then releasing July 26th). I feel comfortable releasing the cover for my third book a month before its publication to give readers something to look forward to before actually being able to purchase the book.
So while I know it sounds like I'll be focusing on editing for all of June (which I will), I promise to post interesting posts for this month while I'm at it. In the meantime keep an eye out for the cover reveal sign up sheet. Definitely expect it in the next couple of days.
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