Monday, December 28, 2015

99 cent Ebooks!

Let's end 2015 with a bang! Starting tomorrow at 12am the following books will be available for $0.99: Shadows and Embers, Thicker Than Blood, Bloodline Inheritance. Unfortunately Cursed With Power could not be a part of this end of the year sale because I have no control over the pricing --that's all in my publisher's hands.
Need a new series to read for the start of the new year? Don't miss out on this deal while it lasts, and here's how it works. From December 29th-31st the three mentioned ebooks will be available for $0.99 --on Amazon only. The sale ends on the 31st at 12am --I'll be making announcements throughout the days while the sale is still live and when it finally does end. If you've already read the books or aren't a fan of fantasy, this is also a great opportunity to gift it to the book lovers in your life. Here's the direct links to the ebooks, so you have easy access during the end of the year sale.

I wanted to end the year with this sale to give my readers a chance to finish up (or start) the Magicians series before the release of my next book. 2016 is all about releasing what will be my fifth published book --and I have a lot of work ahead of me. And I just want to thank you in advance for your support, and I really do hope we can have a positive ending to the year. Please feel free to share the links to the books on social media to anyone who might be interested.
Only a few more hours until the sale. Step into the magical world with Leal, Alaire, and Dyanna. Read more into the story and find out how the series ends.
Lindsey Richardson


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