Friday, December 21, 2012

Announcements: Upcoming sequel and book #3!

Let's start with the upcoming sequel...

Generally when readers finish the first book in a series the question they're left wondering is, "when can I read the next book?"  So I thought it was time I talked about the release date for the upcoming sequel, Punished With Destiny.  We don't have anything official, but I'm hoping that during winter break I can sit down and finish the book -or at least come close to finishing.  (Mind you, this would require for Microsoft Word to be up and running -and as of presently, I'm having some issues with it.)  Either way, here's my unofficial release date for you: spring of 2013.  I know it's very general, but I'm making it my goal to have everything finished before the spring, so Old Line can do what they do best and make everything finalized.  Why the spring, you ask?  Well it'll be six months from when CWP released, so just around the time readers will be finishing the first book they'll have the second one to look forward to.  Feel free to pass on the news :)  (just remember nothing's official yet!)

Now what's this about a third book?!
For those of you who don't know, Cursed With Power is the first book of five in the Magicians series.  Oddly enough that was something I decided right away before I even began writing CWP.  Anyways, I already have a working title for the third book.
*drum roll*
Banished With Magic will be the third book in the Magicians series.  While this title may change when I actually start writing the book, I think it might stay permanently.  Now as for the last two books, the titles are not going to be revealed as of right now.  All the same, I'm looking forward to the adventure and hope you are too.

Coming up next: the story behind Nicia (new character)
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