Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh Christmas joy! *a special gift from author to reader*

It's the holiday season where joy is in the air, and if we're lucky there might also be some snow.  More so to the point, though, it's also the giving season.  While I'm still working fiercely on Punished With Destiny, I'd also like to give my readers something to entertain them during the wait.  I came up with the idea that I could write a holiday scene with the characters from the Magicians series.  
So here's how you can help me....
  • Tell me what characters you'd like included in the scene --no one is off limits, and I'll even allow requests for characters that will be in the upcoming sequel
  • If you don't remember characters, I'll name a few here: Celestria, Leal, Alaire, Aldemund, Christopher, Fayth, Mervyn, Nicia, Rahela, Esmour, Jacquette, Mrs. Irvine (Leal's mother), Malin, Rostland (all characters in red are from the sequel)
  • Remember, keep in mind that this is the holiday season. Since this scene will most likely not appear in the books (as of presently) anything could help.
You pick the characters, and I'll write the story.
It's simple and easy, and even if you haven't finished reading the book or haven't read it all, it's simple enough that you can choose any character.  Hopefully I'll get your thoughts on this, and if not I might have to reconsider if it'll be worth writing and posting.  Happy holidays everyone!
Coming up next: Behind the character - Nicia
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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