Monday, February 11, 2013

A special Valentine's Day teaser -coming to you!

It's no secret; I'm a firm believer in true love, and personally I think Valentine's Day is a nice way to celebrate the relationship we have with that significant other.
But wait...!
In celebration of this lovely little holiday, I thought we'd do something here on the blog to celebrate and that you would enjoy.  I had several different ideas, but unfortunately the holiday has been creeping up on me much faster than I realized. With that in mind, I have decided to post a teaser -or maybe two short ones- that involve romantic scenes from the upcoming books in the Magicians series.  Since I won't have much time the teasers might be strictly from Punished With Destiny, but hey... For those of you dying to know who could be romantically involved, this could be your chance.  Obviously I'll work my magic and make them spoiler-free, but all the same I hope you can enjoy them.
 And more pictures of Alaire as eye candy?  No problem; consider it done. (Regardless of what the spoilers are about I could throw in some pictures of him for the ladies who adore him.)
I will post the teaser(s) on Valentine's day, as well as a special quote I've pulled directly from the upcoming sequel.  Photo editing these days makes sharing quotes such fun :)
And before I go -to get back to work on that gift-I also wanted to share some last minute news about Cursed With Power.  Even though the book is published now, I like keeping everyone in the loop with what's happening.

First off the picture above took me hours to edit.  It's actually my new Facebook cover, so I had to rearrange the text so that it wasn't cut out.  All of the quotes about the book are directly from reviewers, and as always a huge thank you to everyone who reviews the book!
Tomorrow I'll be speaking at a middle school about my career as a writer.  I am not a fan of public speaking, but hopefully all will go well.  If I can take a picture or two I will, but lately my phone is not on me when I'm at these events.

Expect love from your favorite characters on Valentine's day.  The links to the post will be mentioned on Facebook, Twitter and so forth in case you forget to check here first.  Enjoy your night -or rather in my case, very early morning!

Coming up next: Valentine's Day -a day of love, teasers, and eye candy
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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