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Behind the character: Alaire Sencler

The last Behind the Character post I wrote was about Esmour, which surprisingly received a lot of views.  I told you I'd have something special to share again, and I decided it was time to talk about the man we know and love.  Perhaps he needs no introduction, but he certainly deserves to have his story told.  I realize I've talked about Alaire several -perhaps more than several?- times in the past, but I'm going to focus on some aspects I haven't mentioned before.

Alaire is the man who has lived for many years without a family.  He lost the people most important to him, and we can see in Cursed With Power how this has changed him over the years.  Despite that, Alaire is the hero of the story in more ways than might be noticeable on paper.
You've most likely heard me tell the story of how Alaire "saved" Cursed With Power.  In the book Celestria views him as her "guardian angel," but for many reasons he was also a guardian angel to me during the time I was writing the book.  Again, I'm not going to focus on this too much, but I will stress again that Alaire was not originally in the book during the first draft.  Thankfully he became a main character before publication, and for that I am very pleased.
Perhaps one of my favorites scenes to write that included him was about the burning church.  If you haven't read the book I won't ruin anything for you, but the prologue is the first time readers are introduced to Alaire.  Him and Celestria are trapped in a burning church together, and as they're making their way out he shouts, "Go ahead, I'm right behind you."  The prologue was written and rewritten more times than I can count or remember for that matter, but as it is today is something I think that fully illustrates Celestria and Alaire's relationship.  That single line alone where he is reassuring Celestria that he'll be right behind her is exactly the way I've always envisioned him to be.  And wasn't he always right behind her in some way or another?
Recently with the upcoming sequel I've been working with a lot of new characters and trying to get a feel for Leal.  I'd have to say out of all of the Dark magicians I've dealt with so far, Alaire is the one who openly talks about not only the darkness in his magic but also the darkness he feels has consumed him in the past.
For obvious reasons I can't reveal what is to become of Alaire, but rest assured that I have a long history of notes on the Sencler family and history and no matter what there is much more to be told.  However, I can say that Alaire is present in the first part of the book since it takes place a year before the men meet Celestria.  We'll finally be able to see what work Alaire did for Esmour and also the kind of man he was before he met Celestria.  (He mentions several times that before he met her he was a different kind of person, and he wasn't exactly proud of his past.)
The sequel is almost finished and spring is right around the corner.  What do you think: Will you still love Alaire once you know his story?
Lindsey R. Sablowski


Lydia Kang said...

I just love that name, Alaire! He sounds like a great, complex character. Good luck on the sequel!

Raven Paramour said...

Writing for me is kind of slowed down. (Having a history midterm does that to you...)

That's great to hear that you are almost finished writing the sequel. Once you are done writing it, do you have to send it to the editor at the publishing house?

I'm also interested to see the cover for Punished With Destiny:)

Lindsey Sablowski said...

Lydia: Thank you! I've grown quite attached to the name as well. Best of luck with your books too! Thanks for stopping by :)

Raven: How far are you now? I understand; school can get in the way.

Thank you. When I finished writing I need to edit through the entire book, but then after that I'm sending it to the editor. I'm still determined as ever to make the release happen this spring, so I have a lot of work ahead of me!
I can't wait to see it either. I'm having the same artist who did the cover for CWP do the cover for the sequel, and I don't know how it's going to turn out yet... But I am excited to get to that part of the journey. I'll have a cover reveal when the cover is finished :)

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