Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's to come next in the Magicians series

Let me say for the record that when it comes to writing a series of five books it can be... exhausting.  At the end of the day, no matter how far you are in the current book, there's still that thought in the back of your head, reminding you that the story is far from being over.  Lately this thought has been in my mind, and as an avid reader, I can understand that readers -such as you- want to know what's coming next.  So let's look ahead, shall we?
For starters, I would love to have the support of the blogging community.  I see so many posts like "waiting on Wednesday" and so forth that talk about upcoming releases, and it's gotten me to thinking... With my upcoming book I don't want any limitations.  I'd like to spread more talk about the book, and the best place to start is here.  Bloggers, readers, friends, family, etc. are the best way to spread news about an upcoming book.  I'm mentioning this now because spring is right around the corner -or so it seems that way when you're working with a deadline.  Any and all support is welcome, and the game plan is that once we have an official cover and release date we can start blogging about it -cover releases, blog tour, the whole works.  Bring out the fireworks, if you'd like.  It's an idea running in the back of my head, so for now keep it in mind and once we have more to work with I can tell you more about the details. (We'll try to make it a win-win for everyone who's involved.)
Secondly.... the third book.
The release of Punished With Destiny also means that there is more work to be done.  The closer spring is, the more I have to ponder about the work that's ahead in the series.  And believe me there is no sooner of a time to start than right after finishing the second book.  It's a lot to take in right now, but this story will not be in the shadows for much longer.  Several readers have asked if Alaire will be the narrator for the third book, yet as of right now I'd like the identity of our third narrator a surprise and a secret.  (Imagine that, surprises and secrets... oh my!)  I am willing to admit that as of presently I'm too concentrated on PWD to even begin focusing in on our next Dark magician.  All the same, this book will be the third addition to the series and slowly nearing its way to the two final books.  The title Betrayed With Magic might not look familiar, seeing as it's relatively new, but the book was originally planned out to be titled A Greater Destiny.  (We can talk more about it in the near future.)

Anyways, it's now 2am, and I should probably attempt to sleep before the long day ahead of me.  Remember to check back in on Valentine's day; I'll be posting another quote from PWD that actually works with the holiday.  Before then I might try to sneak in some "throwbacks" at old -and by old, I mean two year old- covers for the series. (I was looking at them tonight, which is actually how I ended up awake this late/early.)  Until then...
You know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl 
Oops... wrong blog.... (and poor joke)
Coming up next: Where a series begins
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