Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everything you've missed summed up

It’s rather becoming convenient that I have two blogs, eh?  Well, for those of you who actually do check in now and then to realize that I have been spending my free time—as if that still exists—I’m back with more to tell you.  I’ll admit I’m running rather short to make individual posts for each topic, so I thought “What the heck, might as well put everything together.”  You’re welcome, guys.

FIRST off… Yes, in case you didn’t hear already I got my first rejection for Cursed with Power.  Attention ladies and gents, I have been rejected.  This being the first rejection for this book, I guess I didn’t react to it as bad as I did with my first rejection for The Magic of Light.  Don’t get me wrong, though, I definitely yelled at my computer.  You can read the full account of my rejection on the Magicians blog.  I would post it on here, but I try not to be a dead record, if you get what I mean.
All righty then, next I have to tell you that as much as I love every single one of you it is driving me crazy to see CWP’s ranking drop… And drop.  And drop.  This is insane!  I try to update the ranking on here because I want someone—and by someone, I mean YOU—to realize that this is a disaster.  Even though I’m not on inkpop like insanely much, I am on there ALL THE TIME checking the ranking.  Let me be blunt: Me staring at the ranking doesn’t change anything.  So here I am on my blog… Pretty much begging you.  You know who you are; read the book.  Please?

And so I know the question in your mind that has making both you and me lose our minds relates to the last chapter of CWP.  (How did I know?  Look at my emails… Trust me, I know.)  I swear I do have the ending written up and typed and all that; I’m just making sure there isn’t anything more I need to add in before I upload it.  The end needs to be like “WOW!”, not “oh… cool.”  I am spending more time on it for your sake.  As soon as I upload the ending chapter, I promise I will post the official summary of New Life on this blog and the Magicians series blog.  Keep checking in; it’s coming soon!

Last but not least, please bring some questions to me.  I don’t care whether you ask me your questions on here or on the Magicians series blog, but I seriously miss answering your questions.  I’ve been catching up with blogging lately, and now I want to catch up with you.  Whatever questions you have… Ask away.
All in all, it’s just another crazy week.  Rejection today, boyfriend going to Boston tomorrow, and the rest of the week full with school, work, projects, and oh yeah… Writing.  I feel the pain just as much as you all do.  At least we’re all here living through it together.

Cursed with Power
When at last the screaming stopped I froze in place and saw a girl.  At first i did not recognize her, but the broken bracelets surrounding her I noticed instantly.  Her dress was torn so badly that her corset showed.  Down her arms were scratches and bruises and her right leg was bleeding.  The blood was absorbed into the grass, but the stains painted the ground bright red.  On her temple there were small scrapes, and her eyes were wide with fear.  Emeria did not look like a teenager; she gave off the appearance of a child who had been harassed. 
"Emeria?" I whispered.  I debated whether to approacher her or no.  She was curled up into a ball, shaking like a baby.  Having never seen anyone act in such a  manner, I continued to stare.

Read the book on inkpop: here
For more updates, character posts, and excerpts go to the official blog: the Magicians series blog

Be there for the magic: www.themagiciansseries.blogspot.com


Riv Re said...

So sorry to hear about the dreaded "R" word. :( Sadness.
Good luck finishing up Chapter 30. (I can barely believe you've gotten through the whole book 1!!)

Anonymous said...

209? Ouch... Dude, it's not even worth it anymore, it really isn't. Not because of your ranking, but just because of inkpop in general.

LReneeS said...

Riv: Thanks, Riv, but we all have to hear it much sooner than we would like to. Thank you; I can hardly believe it myself to tell you the truth:)

Laura: I don't care if it is or isn't worth it. This is something I set out to do and I'm not going to give up now.

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