Sunday, March 27, 2011


And maybe someday everything will go back to the way it is, but with how things have been lately I don’t see that happening soon.
We are afraid to face the fears we have, yet at the same time we don’t like what will happen if we don’t face them.
There are nightmares that haunt us every night, and you know what I have learned from those nightmares?
I’ve learned that you only live once.  You can mistake after mistake, but in the end it’s what you did in life not what you were making up forthat matters the most.  People will not judge you because you slipped up a few times because this in reality no one is perfect.
You have to have a dream, and once you have that dream you need to hold onto that like it’s all that matters.  Sometimes it is that dream alone that keeps you going, and in the darkest of times that is what you can return to.
For me, writing is what keeps me going through all of the madness.  For you..... I don’t know.  It could be anything.
Find something to hold onto.

Be there for the magic:


Riv Re said...

*claps* Awesome post LRS!

LReneeS said...

Thanks, I was having a rough night and it was something I personally felt needed to be said.

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