Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Christopher Paolini has done it again!

Inheritance (Inheritance, #4)I cannot believe this.  Literally I just found out from Riv's blog (read her post here) that Inheritance --the fourth and last book in the Inheritance cycle-- is coming out November 8th of this year.  This. Year.
For those of you who are Eragon fans you are probably freaking out just as much as I am.  I feel like I'm going to have a mini heart attack over this, and to be completely honest I thought we would never find out the ending to Eragon's story.  I love Paolini's work to death, but the man writes books that are long --not that I care--and complex.  The places and characters themselves in Paolini's books have blown me away; thank god for the pronunciation in the back.
While in the process of freaking out, I am trying to imagine my mom's face when I tell her this book is being released in November.  I've been following the series, and yes I'm a proud fan to say I have all three freaking books.  I'll be lucky if I can even remember much besides Eragon being a Rider and his dragon being Saphira, but besides that there is also a slight dilemma that struck me.  There are 13 new books from Christmas and my birthday that alas I have not gotten to.  I'm still in the middle of finished The Bourne Objective, which I've been reading forever.  It's not that I cannot find interest in the books I have; believe me I'm dying to read them.  The problem is I'm writing a book of my own and between school, work, writing, and life itself I suppose reading at night just never comes across my mind.  I guess what I should do is go back to the nerdy days when I brought a book to school every single day and read it until I finished that sucker.
Back to freaking out...?!  Eragon friends: seriously, comment on this post or something.  Please tell me I'm not totally crazy for practically dying over a series that nobody seems all that interested in anymore.  I need someone else to share the excitement with before I explode out of joy.

Be there for the magic:


Charmain Sheely said...

Cool! I have been dying to read it! It's good to know when it will finally be coming out.

Riv Re said...

:) You have till November to finish your 13 books. And if you don't? Push it off! This is ERAGON! (maybe I should go request an ARC for review...)
Thanks for the backwards linkage (backwards linkage: egaknil)

LReneeS said...

Charmain: I know exactly what you mean. I'm dying to read it as well!
Riv: Good point, I probably will do that. I'm so freaking excited I don't see how I can possibly wait any longer. And haha no problem:)

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