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LAST CHAPTER Chapter 30: Get Out Alive

Chapter 30
Get Out Alive
Wow.  I dont know where to begin because I dont think any of us were expecting for the end of Cursed with Power to come so soon.  After all of the buildup for chapter 30 I honestly thought I was going to post something saying a specific date it was being uploading.  Well, dearest readers, you got better.  The LAST CHAPTER is finally uploaded.  No more emailing me complaints; look at the bookJ
I understand it took me months to upload this chapter.  The reasoning for that is because I was trying to add in everything else before posting the ending chapter.  Im at the point where Im editing and revising like my life depends on it, so I finally have the ending here for you.  Know what that means?  Hello official summary to New Life.  Ladies, please contain your enthusiasm, haha.
**This post is also on the Magicians series blog.  If it sounds familiar then you probably read it there.  I have posted on here for those of you who aren't following both blogs.**

Finally it is time for me to talk about chapter 30, and yes I should tell you know that this post won't be short and sweet because I think we all can agree that this is a big deal.  (From the amount of emails I received, it seems this is all you have been waiting for.  Hey, I'm not going to complain.)
While one would think I wouldn't be able to say much about the chapter because it is the ending chapter, there actually is quite a lot I can say.  I know in the past I have said other chapters were challenging, but determining what the final end to the madness would be was rather interesting to say the least.  (Interesting?  Ummm, right...)
Anyways, here's an excerpt from chapter 30 which was uploaded last night but I never got the change to blog about.  Sorry everybody.  At least I'm only a day late with the update.  And now what you've been waiting for...

The man, whose name I had no recollection of, continued to hold onto my frail body.  Soon I would be limp, and moments after that I would be dead.  I tried to think back to my sister and… What was his name?  My mind was shutting off my thoughts, as if they would cause more damage.  Perhaps it seemed logical in thought, but I needed something to hold onto; somebody to continue breathing for.  Staring and resisting the urge to give up, I listened to a noise above the water.  Someone spoke, but their words were muffled by the water filling my ears.
Welcome to your conclusion. I thought to myself.  A conclusion… The only thing I could hope for now and the only end I expected.  My body was prepared to give up, but it was a faint heartbeat that kept me alive.
The ending of this book isn't at all the end of this blog or the series for that matter.  There is New Life and the other books that follow after Cursed with Power, and each of them return to Celestria's account of events.  Even though I'll be doing edits and revisions for Cursed with Power now, there is much more I have to think about, plan out, and prepare for.  I'll be giving presentations in a few months about Cursed with Power and in addition I need to start thinking about New Life while querying agents.  During these times when I receive rejections I will need something to keep me going.  In the past I always was confused on how that would work, but now I am certain that so long as I am writing something I can find the motivation.  (If that makes any sense.)

During the time I've been working with Cursed with Power, I feel like I have made several connections with Celestria.  At first I worried I would never be able to feel any kind of closeness with her, but I definitely do now.  Working out Celestria and Alaire's relationship has been... Well, it had its ups and downs --and by that I mean for the two of them, not me.  And while originally I thought I wouldn't hate anybody except for Aldemund, I discovered that Aldemund I can deal with.  It's Japhet who drove me absolutely insane when he entered into the book.
Being at the point where revisions are essential, you would think I wouldn't have much to look forward to.  Again, though, I can start planning out what happens next while working out edits.  There have been numerous ideas filling my head (and four journals) during these ten --soon to be eleven by tomorrow-- months, and it will be challenge to figure out if and where they can fit in.  
I am just as excited as you about New Life, but in the mean time you'll have to believe me when I say I am doing everything I can to share Cursed with Power with the rest of the world.
For those of you who enjoyed Cursed with power and you're uncertain with how you'll feel about the sequel, I am here to reassure you that the main story of the series does not change in New Life.  I know everyone has been wondering what will happen in book 2 and etc., etc. but honestly so long as you come along for the journey I'm certain you'll find a character to love, a place to be interested in, and a joke or two to laugh at.  (I can't believe some people say Léal is funny, but hey I'm not going to question it.)

There are a lot of new exciting posts coming your way, and I'll keep you updated on progress with CWP.  In the mean time, there's that official summary for New life that you have been waiting for --some more than others-- and that I will also post before anyone starts a riot.
Once again, this is only the beginning of a very long journey.  Enjoy the last chapter.  

Read all 30 chapters of Cursed with Power.  Now complete and readable on inkpop.  (Link here)

And don't forget...  The official summary of New Life is coming up on the Magicians blog.  Be sure to stop on by and find out what is happening in the sequel! (summary will be available on this blog later tonight)
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Riv Re said...

*squee* Glad to hear you've finally finished! Mazal Tov ;)
Just a bit of advice: you might want to edit the NL cover a bit--it looks more like something an adult romance reader would pick up XD But it's awesomeness, and I really can't complain too much...*stares*

LReneeS said...

Thanks, Riv:) I'm really glad I've finished it as well. Never thought I'd be saying that. And haha, you're not the first person to say that. But it's not like that cover is permanent. It's obviously going to change, but for now...

Eh hey I can't say I have to much of a problem with it;)

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