Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Life Prologue

It took awhile for me to get here, but I've finally typed up the prologue to New Life and I'm moving along in the book.  (Trust me, though, it's not something I'm going to be finished with quickly.)

At the breaking of dawn someone breaks into Esmour's house.  At first he does not know who they are, what they want, and why they have come for him.  Then, all too soon he finds out enough to know that his life will never be the same.
A few miles away in the town of Celvont, Léal is asleep and safe in his home.  When he wakes up there is not a worry in the world; all he has to do is simply dress for service and be on his way.  However, what would have been an ordinary day soon turns upside down.  Though he does not know it, there is a woman waking up at the same time as him.  While he walks out of the house, she is in a world of misery and fear.  She screams but no one hears her --not even him.  Her long red hair goes over her shoulders, her jaded eyes tell of the heartbreak she feels, and a lonely house reminds everyone of the tragic past she continues reliving.  

Fate may bring two people together in time to come, but the world has changed.  Magic roams the street, good people are involved in wicked doings, and life is no longer given but rather taken away.  In such a world, one wonders how to survive when everything is against them.  What hope is there?
"There is a woman you will meet.  Without her you are nothing, but if your paths should happen to cross and you do meet then know she is the key to everything.  The strongest of bonds will be formed between you and she, and given time there will be no amount of distance or suffering that will separate either of you."

New Life hasn't been uploaded on inkpop yet because I have not reached the 10k requirement.  However, I'm hoping that these updates will keep your curiosity.  If you haven't read Cursed with Power this book might not be where you want to start in the series.  Even so, I will say that it's exciting to be working with Léal.  There are secrets and mysteries of his own past he has yet to reveal, but he's definitely grown since his role in Cursed with Power.  (I don't literally mean "grown", but more has been added onto his character, personality, and etc.)
Be there for the magic:


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