Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comfort Zone

For some of us it's writer's block, and for others it's simply that one moment where you feel there is nothing left to do.  Maybe you've finished your novel, maybe you're in the middle of revisions, maybe you're refreshing your email for responses, or perhaps you spent the day wondering where you would begin again.

I've been faced with one of those days where I'm refreshing my email and wondering what to do.  Revisions?  Maybe.  The sequel?  Possibly.  Something different?  Uh... sounds scary.
And that tends to be the problem.  We can hit rock bottom, and even if every ounce of our body is begging us to go out of our comfort zone and begin something fresh, do something extraordinary we aren't quite sure what that may be.  I came across this problem myself yesterday when I was discussing publication with my boyfriend and with some of my friends.

So I'll tell you, whether you care to listen or not, what the problem is for me.  (Mind you this may not be your problem at all.)  When I get to working on the sequel of my book all I can think of in the back of my mind is about agents, publishers... and, of course, the first book.  Here you are telling yourself "Oh this will be good for me.  This ought to be a blast!" Yet what you don't dare tell anybody is you can't get the first story out of your head.  The characters, the storyline, the action, each individual scene... Doesn't it sometimes feel like a movie playing over and over again in your head?
If you're scared to move on from the first book then do whatever it'll take.  Read it, revise it, query agents about it, stare at it.  Anything.  The fact of the matter is if you know you can't stop writing then you shouldn't let anything hold you back.  I'm telling you this to help you... and because this is what I've been convincing myself of all day.
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