Saturday, July 30, 2011

There's a lot of working going on here

Before I say anything, I'll tell you right now that I have become a fan of "The Office."  (Thank my boyfriend)  Despite the fact that I usually hate Steve Carrell in other shows and movies, I actually have found this show to be entertaining.  Nothing like "The Office" to motivate you, right?

Here the blog I guess it's getting a bit dull here, eh who knows.  Like you, I'm waiting.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the publisher.  I swear every time I hear the notification noise for a new email I hope it's from them.  (And then it's not.)  The atmosphere here is just exactly that... Hope, patience, waiting, eagerness, nervousness.  All of it.  (all right here.  lucky you.)
I've been reading through Cursed with Power all day.  You know that point where you tell yourself "Oh I won't add anymore because I don't want to take away what's in the story" so instead you go through spellcheck and then you just keep reading through all the pages to see where words were forgotten.. Yeah, you know the deal.
On another note, I'll stay on the brightside of matters.  My best friend just came back from Mrytle Beach and we're getting together soon, I've actually connected with my boyfriend's friends (as in they like hanging with me and my sweetheart), and at the end of the day I'm still writing.  (Wait... I'm writing?!  When did this happen?)

Later on this week I'm encouraging you to join me as I talk about the worst rejection letter I ever received.  (I think it'd be a nice way to connect if we all talked about our story.)  I'll be doing some other posts as well.  Kind of just trying to bring everybody back together here, so if you have ideas about what I should post about feel free to suggest it to me.
Also, I'll be talking about the Magicians series.  Whether you've read Cursed with Power or not, I promise there won't be any spoilers.  This is simply to tell you about the process to make a series and so forth.  (And whatever else I think of; at this point I'm making it up off the top of my head.)

Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who's been keeping their fingers crossed and sending the words of encouragement and support.  I love you all dearly for it!
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