Friday, July 8, 2011

Wrap up of the week

This week is finally coming to an end, and I thought it was about time I wrap up what's happened this week.

Despite its ranking on Inkpop, Cursed with Power has been on quite the journey since April.  Between querying agents and publishers, I've entered CWP into the YAtopia contest.  In the time between all of that I have also been working on New Life, the sequel in the series.  It has been coming along, to say the least, and motivation from the people around me has definitely helped.

This week has been long, but hopefully in the weeks to come there will be more exciting news to speak of.  To be honest I am eager to hear word from an agent interested in reading more of Cursed with Power.  Several writers I know have agents representing them now or are in the process of having their first book published.  I would like to congratulate Roland Yeomans, Leigh Fallon, and Julie Musil for their accomplishments in the writing business.

*fingers crossed* I'm working toward it.  Fortunately, I have not been taking the journey alone and I feel like through all of this I have grown more attached to the characters and Cursed with Power itself.
Be there for the magic:


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