Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another contest over at YAtopia

YAtopia has two contests going on currently, giving you the chance to be noticed by agents Vickie Motter or Bree Ogden.  Though the contest with Bree Ogden ends tonight at midnight, this new contest with Vickie Motter is lasting until July 20th.
In the new contest you have a chance to sell your book submitting only a three line pitch (and of course following the submission guidelines).  For any of you who are currently seeking an agent to represent your book, this is a great chance you won't want to miss.

Enter the contest: here

Best of luck!

Be there for the magic:

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Sheron Parris said...

O_O Thanks for the heads up. I just submitted my vampire novel there.

LONG time no talk. HOW HAVE YOU BEEN HON?!


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