Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chapter 24..... Drip of Blood

Now tell me, when have you ever seen a 'drip' of blood?  Every time I've been involved in a fight --and I assure you that's been quite often-- I have seen more than what one might say was a mere 'drop'.  --Léal

In chapter 24 of Cursed with Power there are major significant events that occur.  These events begin to foreshadow and shape the coming end of the first book in the Magicians series.  What can Celestria hold onto during these times she will doubt herself?  How can she prepare herself for battles she never imagined getting involved in?  Celestria must find confidence in herself if she is to be ready for what will come next, but the truth of the matter remains: The future holds many secrets.
During a time when Celestria is scared, confused, and lost, there are new people who come into her life.  These people, however, are ones she knows --from the start--she will not be able to trust.  What's more, there is a new danger that threatens the lives of Celestria and Emeria.

“Emeria?” I whispered. I debated whether to approach her or no. She was curled up into a ball, shaking like a baby. Having never seen anyone act in such a manner, I continued to stare.
There was no response that came from Emeria. She whimpered and the moment I decided I needed to comfort her, she began wailing. Despite how many times I continued asking her to hush, she would not listen to a word I spoke. I stepped forward and then felt something hit me in the back. I fell down, rolled over, and gazed up to see the man who I thought had given up on pursuing us. There was a serious yet hungry look on his face. Hungry…like he desired to kill us for pure pleasure.

Now there is a man they must run from.  Soon there are enemies they must face.  Celestria's life is in the hands of people who hate her.  The ending you have been waiting for is coming closer with the arrival of each new chapter.  Find out what happens when you read Cursed with Power.
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