Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chapter 25..... Unlocked Secrets

Did you ever have a secret you felt you couldn't tell anyone but that one person?  It was so dark and powerful that if you told anybody else they would have thought you mad?
I never had that kind of secret either. --Leal
In chapter 25 of Cursed with Power, new answers are brought forth that Celestria never imagined she would discover.  In the middle of the night she must ask what she does not want to know, she must hear the response she dreads the most, and in the morning there is one man she knows she must "meet" with.

Fayth interrupted me and jumped up to point. “That ring! Christopher, I've seen that ring!”
I stared down at Alaire's ring, which I regretted having kept. Fayth ran over to me and grabbed my hand without thinking twice. My eyes grew wide as she studied my ring finger, and Christopher looked as confused and horrified as me. We waited in silence for her to explain the reason behind her outburst. When at last she dropped my hand, she did not return to sit beside Christopher. She knelt beside me, grimacing.
“Magicians who worked for Esmour wore those rings…” Her voice quivered and then she turned to glower at me.
 In the next chapter, Celestria will need to rely on blind faith to walk through a field of shadows.  In the darkness, who can she trust?
"You died; you were dead without any life left in your body."
Yet what Celestria has said in the past will come to haunt her in the present.  Alaire has been reported to have only gotten worst, and there is no way of her finding Leal without him.  Perhaps Leal had left her never to return?
You like him more than you care to admit.
While she needs to come to terms with her emotions and the feelings in her heart, time is running short.  Surviving is what is essential, not what is wrong and right.  
The battle Celestria Hale was never prepared for is only approaching closer with each passing day.  The nights are becoming dark and not by coincidence.  Faces are unfamiliar, memories are slipping away, blood is soon to be shed.  Welcome to the magical world.  There is no turning back now.

Be there for the magic:


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