Saturday, January 15, 2011


Picture reads: Friendship, a friend is someone you can be alone with and have nothing to do and not be able to think of anything to say and be comfortable in the silence.

Yet I realized that in several instances Celestria and Alaire's friendship is not always the most "comfortable".  Shall I share?
I feel like despite the friendship that is between Celestria and Alaire, there have been several rather awkward moments.  Let's not forget the bed scene, shall we?  I have been rather pleased with the turnout of the relationship they have with each other, and it's interesting (for me, mind you) to see how they've grown with one another.

Anyways, I just thought to share this with you because I happened to find that first picture and then I thought "Hmm, how is Celestria and Alaire's friendship like this?"
If I've bored you, I apologize.  Later on the Magicians series blog I will most likely be writing a post about Leal... or some kind of posts about a character (or characters).  Now I am returning to chapter 24 and if I don't finish it someone must shoot me because I've been spending too long on this chapter.

Be there for the magic:


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