Sunday, January 23, 2011

If They're Watching

If They're Watching
A novel by BCT
Writers Marna, Shruti, Kae, Paige, and Lindsey (yours truly) joined together to write a novel.  At first it started off as an idea.  It turned into a group project.  Now I'm here to tell you what to expect coming to you soon.

Destined to kill.
Destined to die.
Dean, Beverly, Leon, Elizabeth, and Nathalie/Natalie were normal teenagers.  They came from different homes, different lifestyles, and had their own problems.  Dean was a tough guy who didn't know when not to accept a fight.  Beverly was a sweet girl who knew a dark secret.  Leon was seemingly happy and in love, but at home he was abused and scared.  Nathalie/Natalie was a disaster; she wanted to commit suicide since her mother left her.  No one ever imagined the five could be brought together, but one morning that all changed.
They woke up with a tattoo.  They knew.  They were the ones chosen to kill someone.  The victim could be anyone, and if they didn't kill them then the five marked teenagers would die.  Their victim was all that kept them breathing and alive, yet how long could that last?
For the first time, Dean might actually have to accept help.  Leon will have to face his darkest fears and admit the true story behind his brother's mysterious arrest.  Beverly has to chose whether to act innocent or admit what she knows.  Elizabeth needs to run for her life to get away from whoever it may be destined to kill her.  Nathalie... She has to save herself from her other side.  She's dangerous and she's sinking into the darkness with the others.
The teenagers wonder what they did to deserve this.  No one seems to have answers, the FBI is after them, and there is nowhere safe to hide.  In the hardest of time they must join together, fight, reveal truths in their lives, and most importantly survive.
"Dean, do you ever wonder who will save us?"
Dean smirked at Leon's question, but leaned back. "Sometimes I do, hick.  Honestly, though, we're screwed unless we try to save ourselves."

If They're Watching is coming soon!  Make sure to keep checking in; I'll let you know when it's up on inkpop and public to read.  
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