Friday, June 15, 2012

Red River of Secrets

It took me a while to decide on what this post should be about, so instead I've decided from now on I need to mix things up.  I'll be writing a creative piece as one of my characters.  Enjoy!
It's nearly midnight, but sit outside in the garden with my evening gown on.  The breeze brushes against my skin as the hairs on my arms raise up.  I lean against the wooden chair I'm sitting in and admire the smell of roses.  It is a distinct smell, almost overwhelmingly sweet.
Then suddenly I heard a noise.  Someone is approaching from nearby, but I'm alarmed with it being so late.  I start to stand, but then I realize my husband has arrived.  He has somewhat of an anxious look in his face; the wrinkles show just below his eyes, as if he hasn't slept for days.  He walks over to the chair and kneels down to face me.
"I have a lot on my mind.  If it's all right with you, I'd like to tell you all about it," I say.
He nods.
"Of course, but may I ask why you decided tonight?  And at such an hour like this?  I barely could keep my eyes open for the walk alone," he responds.
"Husband, I fear there are matters I have never spoken of.  I want you to know everything about me, but in order to tell you all of this, I need to confine in you," I stroke his chin as I say all of this.
He seems calm, but his hand taps eagerly on the chair.  
"Speak, wife; you have no need to keep secrets from me.  I would never hide anything from you."
For a moment I hesitation, but then I push forward to say, "There is a river I know of.  It's unlike any river I've seen before, and it flows with water as thick and red as blood.  Somewhere within this river--perhaps at the bottom--there is a pearl, but how can one seek out this peal when the river is so treacherous?  I have gone to this river many times now since our marriage, and it does frighten me.  I want you to promise me, promise me, Lyedan, that such a river will never harm us."
Lyedan is entirely silent.  For the first time he is speechless, saying nothing and offering only a emotionless stare.  As I wait, I wish I hadn't made a metaphor about a river.  I wish that I had told him the truth and admitted that I knew his family's secret, but it is not my duty as his wife to know his business.  
At last he clears his throat, and I stop regretting my decision.
"Tell me where this river is so that I may find it and destroy it.  I won't have anything come in between us and threaten harm us, especially you.  So long as I live you will never be in harm's way again," he says.
I smile, though at the bottom of my troubled heart I'm not certain that I believe him.  Before I can decide on my feelings, he leans forward and his lips brush against mine.  All of my doubts rush away as his kisses linger on my skin and his whispers fill the silent night.  He promises to love me forever, to love me endlessly, and with each kiss and each promise I believe him.

This piece was written in the POV as Katarina, the main character in Hushed by Dawn, a romance/mystery/historical fiction novel.  Fortunately this story is on Wattpad if you're interested in reading more: here.  
Remember to leave behind in the comments your thoughts.  This might be something I do every Friday, if you like it!


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