Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A writer cannot be his own hero

"A writer... He could write your story, everybody’s story, any story but never his story. That is the irony of being a writer. He can never be the hero of his own life, where there is no “Once upon a time” nor “They lived happily ever after.” Maybe that is the dreadful reason why a writer is a writer. He dreams of a chronicle where every tale is not his reality. His surreal mind dictates to his hand, what his heart desires. His yearning will only be feasible in papers, because only in papers he can barely feel happiness."

This is not my quote, but I read it on Tumblr and thought I would share. Very moving.... And absolutely true.


Sheron Parris said...

You have a Tumblr darling???? Do add me if so:

Lindsey Sablowski said...

Yes, I do! I'll add you; be sure to add me to, dear :)

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