Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A person I never understood

I decided I want to do some different kind of writing tonight, so this piece goes out to a dear friend of mine I lost.  She taught me a lot about friendship, as well as the parts of a person we may never truly understand.

You have to understand, you would have known this girl the moment you walked down the straight.  The way the wind blew in her face, the flash of her smile, those seemingly innocent eyes --you couldn't have missed her.  She was beautiful in every aspect, both physically and mentally.  She was a smart girl, and she knew exactly what she wanted.
To be honest, though, there was a lot she hid behind that smile.  She hid secrets and a world that she didn't share with many --if anyone at all.  She was private in many ways about her life, and there were some parts of her she swore to herself that she would never reveal to anyone.
Despite the secrets that burdened her, you should have seen the smile on that girl's face.  She walked around with the largest smile like nothing in the world could take her down.  You would have thought she was a role model with a smile like that.  Her eyes would glimmer in the sun like she was fearless, and in many ways I believe she was.
The truths she did feel safe enough to talk about were not always happy --then again, the truth isn't always pretty.  She wore scars underneath her smile, but she was strong, whether she knew it or not.  When she would cry while telling a story, you'd want to be sitting there with her crying too.  It was just the way she was.
I don't know where she is these days, and I try not to ask myself anymore.  Someday, though, I'd like to believe that we'll cross paths again.  She probably won't say anything, but that's okay.  I've always seen what she's wanted to say in her eyes, and I think that's something about her that no amount of hurt will change.  A girl like that will someday see the world for what it is, and then she'll finally be able to come to peace with everything.
I'll wish her a safe trip on this voyage.

For tonight you don't have to forgive the people you don't understand.  All I ask that you consider is wishing them a safe trip in their life as they continue on.
One last post before I head to bed!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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