Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Write the story you're scared to write

Today I'm hoping to squeeze in some time to work on the submission I'm submitting to Apex Magazine.  They mostly publish dark fantasy/science fiction kind of work, so it has been a dream of mine to have a piece of work published in their magazine.  (Besides, it would be nice to actually earn money for the work I enjoy.)

He enters the room with a sinful smile wide enough to cover his entire face.  I stagger back, feeling somewhat intimidated by him.  It is our wedding night, a night I have dreamed about all my life, and as expected we will spend the remainder of the night in our bedchamber.  His body is fix and broad, his muscles show as he lifts up his tunic, and his golden hair hangs loosely in his face.  I sit in the bed with a robe covering my corset, but I am fully aware of his intentions.
"Are you pleased, my Lord?" I ask in a quivering voice I do not recognize.
He advances and whispers, "Silence, woman."
My eyes widen, and my heartbeat quickens the moment his body lands on his bed.  Slowly, he begins crawling toward me like a tiger.  His eyes are black and cold, full with hunger and desire.  All the while, I imagine I'm somewhere, anywhere else.

And so begins Hushed by Dawn, a story a young lady trapped in a world where men rule.  When Katarina marries Lyedan she is a young, innocent girl.  She is not accustomed to life as a high-class citizen, nor does she grasp that everything she once owned now belongs to her husband.  It seems all of the women are attracted to Lyedan, but none of them who he really is.  Rumors spread around about his father, an abusive alcoholic, but there might be more to the story than anyone realizes.  Katarina discovers a secret no one knows about the family.  She reassures herself that so long as she hides her husband's secret no harm will fall upon her, but as the pressure from society overwhelms her tension rises.  Confused with emotions of love and fear, she most move quickly to uncover the truth.  If Lyedan suspects she doubts him, will he threaten her?  Might a deadly, dangerous secret be enough to save Katarina's life or end it?

 One of Apex's requests is that you "Write the story you are afraid to write."  So today I'm encouraging all of you to write a story like you've never written before.  We all have our comfort zones and what we prefer to write, but today do something different.  When you get the chance try to write that story that's been in the back of your mind.  Maybe it'll scare you to write it because it's so different, but you never know, it could change everything.
Enjoy your day!  I'll be back in a bit to talk about Cursed With Power, upcoming news and contests and the like!  Be sure to come back!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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