Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Publishing news!

Publication is always an exciting time for readers and the writer.  It's a time for change, for new beginnings, and for a whole new journey both the writer and the book must venture on together.

For me, I can't believe that only two years ago I was started Cursed With Power.  Here I am today still staring at the contract, wondering how the time did pass.
Upon request, I've been asked by several fans to post some news about the book and publication details.  Since I've been blogging more and I actually don't have an "official" website yet, it's probably most convenient for me to post it all on here.
For one, I actually have no idea about an official website.  I've heard a lot of people say they'd be interested, but of course buying a domain isn't free these days so let's just say I'm considering it.  I will most likely make an official website with a custom domain after I see how the sales for the book are going.  (You never know, I could fail miserably!  [that's a horrifying thought])
As for contests, I do have several ideas.  Keep in mind that I've been following published author blogs since day one that I joined this site, so I would love to share my ideas.  For starters, though, I've promised that I won't reveal any of my ideas until there are at least 30 likes on Facebook for Cursed With Power.  Your support means everything to me!  If you want to help the cause, go ahead and check it out: here
I will say that these contests will be coming out when the book releasing, giving you opportunities to win signed copies of the book and much more!  Do we like the idea?
Also, I'm working on a bookmark design. I can't actually make anything official since I don't know what the final cover is going to look like.  Just keep in mind that there will be a bookmark, and I'd love to include it with your purchase of the book!  (We'll explain the details of that later on when the book releases)
That brings us to the cover...
That?  Oh no, that will NOT be the official cover.  Believe me, I have become quite fond of it, as well, but it was simply something I redesigned.  The official cover is now in the hands of the designed.  Someone at the publishing company will be working on the cover, and the designer will send it back to me for my approval (they do several so I can decide on the best one) when it's ready.  Sometimes the cover isn't done until we start working on the interior of the book; it all depends on what the designer wants to do.  I leave it to him to come up with something beautiful, and I promise to post pictures of it (on pretty much every social network I have) as soon as I see it.
Other than that, it's already midnight and I have a rough day of editing tomorrow.  I really have to catch up so I can get back on schedule, seeing as I didn't finish a chapter I was supposed to have done tonight.  Let me know if you have any other requests!  I'll post more tomorrow.

Good night everyone!  (hugs)
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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