Monday, June 18, 2012

How I spend my free time (aka Editing time)

That's right, instead of editing I decided to revise some old covers and remodel them!  This is actually something I've been doing for a while.  While I don't use any fancy software, I really love find images and redesigning them for book covers.  (What's the harm; these aren't official covers anyways.)
This cover actually is very special to me.  The Magic of Light was the first novel I wrote, also being the first book I queried to publishers.  Even though this book has many mistakes, I also learned a lot from it.  From the characters I learned what it's like to struggle, from the plot I realized I loved stories with magic and action, and from the numerous rejections I learned that the publishing world isn't all black and white.  So I figured the least I could do for this book was remodel a the cover so it's presentable; after all, I owe a lot to it.
Here's a few other covers you may have seen floating around that all of which I did design:

Those are just a few!  Thought I would share this while I still have a few free minutes.
I will be posting about Her Highness, The Traitor very soon.  My apologies for not getting to it tonight, but I do have some serious editing to catch up on and I'd like to go to sleep before 12.  That's all for tonight; be sure to stop by tomorrow for more!
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