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Alaire and Leal: Insight into the guys we love

Though we're still preparing for the release of Cursed With Power, I decided to do this post on request of readers who are interested to hear insight into two of the characters from the book: Alaire and Leal.  After this post, I'm asking that you to tell me your thoughts --Like them? Love them? What are you expecting?

"I can't wait for the Team Alaire or Leal debate." -Raven Paramore (reader)
"We'll never be safe in this darkness. For now... you're safe."

"I have faith in you because you're the one person who sees me for who I am. You're the only one who will ever respect me for what I can never be."
Alaire Sencler is one of the main characters in the book, becoming Celestria's companion.  Originally, for those of you who didn't know, he wasn't in the book.  However, Celestria needed someone to save her from her first encounter with Aldemund, and Alaire was the right man.
Alaire is a few years older than Celestria, being 20 while she (Celestria) is 17 years old.  He an "adult" in Celestria's eyes, though in many ways he still has a lot to learn.  As a companion, Alaire seems to know his way through Transylvania and definitely has more experience with magic than Celestria does.  He becomes one of the first people Celestria learns to trust because he rescues her from danger starting the moment they meet.  However, he also has a dark past --something that even Celestria doubts he will ever fully tell her about.  Nonetheless, he's an attractive young man with a serious attitude but a warm heart he may be willing to share with the right person.

"I'm sick of playing nice."

"I'm Léal Irvine; I'm always quicker than them before I have to be careful."
Léal Irvine another one of the Dark magicians Celestria meets in the book, though he doesn't have a major part in this first book.
Léal reveals early on in the book that he once worked for Esmour, but he never clarifies what kind of work he did --just that it was dangerous.  He seems to know more than he's willing to tell, and unlike Alaire he isn't willing to remain calm.  He holds strong to his beliefs, and he believes the White magicians deserve a war.  Léal is also closer to Celestria's age, being 18 years of age with a dashing smile and those piercing blue eyes.  Watch out,  Léal might not be all that he seems.  We won't find out his real story until the sequel, New Life.
Coming up next on the blog: I want to hear YOUR opinion on Alaire and Leal. Like them? Love them? What are you expecting?  Comment or message me (facebook, email, etc.) your thoughts, and in my next post I'll share!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


Kristia S. said...

So far I am still rooting for Alaire! :)

He sounds so complicated and yummy, two very tasty concepts of a hott MAN. He seems like he will be bothersome and fluster Celestria a lot, and I look forward to reading about that. And I love how he saves her when they first meet. I'm a total damsel when it comes to that. *faints* I'm old school, yo. LOL

Leal seems pretty promising to get my teams wavering between the two. He's hott, mysterious, and I don't know, I guess smexy? LOL But I'm not full on his team, though. I would have to see him in action!

I expect that these two will have a gigantic rivarly for Celestria which will be VERY interesting and amusing. I really look forward to that!


Lindsey Sablowski said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Kristia!
You'll definitely have the chance to see both men in action when the book comes out, though sadly Leal will have more action in the sequel. (He hates me for it haha!)
Don't worry, I feel the same way. I've always admired a man whose willing to risk his life for a damsel in distress (so to speak).

Thanks so much for all the feedback! :)

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