Monday, July 23, 2012

Character Journey

Well it appears Leal and Alaire have made their own appearances while I've been busy with edits.  Thankfully I should be catching up today, seeing as my deadline is August 1st.  Even so, I wanted to take the time to explain what exactly I'm hoping to see with the "Character Journey" on this blog.

Every now and then when I may be too busy to have an actual post (about writing, personal things, the book, etc), one of the characters from Cursed With Power will be "visiting" the blog.  I'm hoping that by having the characters "visit," you (the readers/viewers/fellow bloggers) will be able to interact more with characters.  Characters will be talking about their journey (such as in the last post where Alaire asked you if you were ready to journey with him and Celestria), and they'll be inviting you to join them.  This is purely for entertainment; of course the characters aren't real, but there's where you're allowed to have fun and say so!  (If you comment, I'll even try to comment back as that specific character)
These journeys you travel on with the characters may not go along with the journeys in the book.  (You may have noticed Alaire said he was traveling with Celestria, and from what we can determine it sounds like they've only begin traveling)  
So just leave me a comment and tell me what you think?  Good idea, bad idea, ways to improve it (these first couple of times I'm still trying to get used to it)?  Let me know, and I'll be back later on!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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