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Why do you write about Dark magicians?

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"Why do you write about Dark magicians?"
People have been asking me this question a lot lately, and I really wanted to take the time to talk about it --especially with all of you wonderful bloggers out there.
The ironic part of to this is I actually first started writing about "good magicians."  The first novel I ever wrote was told from the POV of "good" magicians, and I loved the idea of the fight between good and evil.  Sounds too easy, right?  Well that actually is how the book turned out --good vs. evil, light vs. dark, etc.  You get the point... And though my younger self never wanted to admit this, that has been done way too many times.  
So when the idea came to me for Cursed With Power it was like a spark of fire.  I stood back, thinking about the idea, and thought "Whoa, what if I actually did this?"  It was a bit scary too --I had never written from the Dark magician's POV, but with Celestria Hale's story that would all changed.
What I can't help but notice is that literature has always formed Dark magicians or anything relating to "dark art" or "black magic" as evil.  When you think of them, you automatically think in your head "they're evil."
This isn't he case for the Dark magicians in CWP.  The story is purposely told from a Dark magician's POV so that you can better see how such misconceptions could have been made.  One of the main reasons I actually enjoy writing from this perspective is that readers are allowed to decide for themselves what they think of the Dark magicians.  While Celestria does narrate the story, she encounters many White magicians throughout the journey.  Of course no magician is exactly like the other --they're humans too, remember.  
By writing this series, I also have been able to discover parts of the magical world that I was afraid to visit before.  The magical world isn't perfect --it has flaws just as our own world does.
Coming up next: A new character adventure (stop by to find out who hosts!) and a talk about pictures that have been inspirational
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