Thursday, December 9, 2010

Major revisions

It's been a while, so I'm going to try to catch everybody up to what's happening.

Obviously I don't need to tell you that Cursed with Power has gone through a lot.  And the changes it has gone through are greater than anything else.  Well, as you may or may not remember old English was being used in dialog and so forth throughout the book.  I am changing this.  No, I am not getting rid of it because of the complaints I hear much too often.  I know I said I was going to stay with it, but every writer has to let go of something at some point or another.  This is something so small that I have to give up, I really cannot complain.  (Of course I might because of the extra work that is added on.)

So if I cannot blog all the time it is because I have major revisions to do with Cursed with Power.  I have to change all of the language --for a third time--and while I'm doing that I have to continue on with the next chapter and etc etc.

Luckily, I planned out chapter 15-22 today, so it's safe to say I have an idea of what I'm going to be doing for the next good amount of chapters.  Maybe that means the chapters will be finished in a more timely fashion, and maybe it won't have all that much of an effect.  All the same, I thank all of you who have supported me with this difficult decision I've made.  For those of you who loved the old English and said "old english is ftw!", I truly cannot thank you enough.
As always, I will continue sharing with you progress I make with the book.

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