Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chapter 19... Feel Your Touch

I want to know that when you walk away from me, you're that much more determined to come back.  When you cry in my arms, you'll pull in closer toward me.  When I feel the touch of your skin... I want you to feel me too because I've been standing beside you... and I've been standing for much too long. I desire to be with you.

In chapter nineteen of Cursed with Power, Celestria comes to realize a shocking new truth that awaits her in Grefin's manor.  With reality, she must also come to accept some painful yet memorable past occurrences in her life.  At last she may share a bond with someone close to her, but is it already too little too late?  Has Celestria wasted too many years obsessing over the power she possesses?  What is the point to looking back on old memories when they are long gone?

Is this me? I thought. As I twirled back and forth with the dress, I felt foolish. Dyanna had always been the beautiful one; even Aunt Ilena had reminded me of that. The men pranced around her and offered her roses, while I walked ten steps behind her without receiving any attention at all. It had been that way ever since she was born, and after a while I had grown accustomed to it. The red hair that fell down my shoulders suddenly looked perfectly maintained. My green eyes, which I had always thought were dull, glistened with the dress.
“Everybody has always told me you can’t see love. When I look in your eyes, they stand corrected. Celestria, why must you have this effect on me?” Adam had once told me.
Backing away from the mirror, I reasoned with myself that I needed to leave. If I did not return to Alaire they would begin to wonder. I had already taken up enough time, but as I continued debating with myself I could not help but to think back to memories.

A great amount of thought and detail was put into the detail and the events that occurred within this chapter.  Not only did Celestria face something difficult she felt she needed to be said, but she also had to admit to her readers the truth she hides in side.  However, Celestria and the readers both are left with more questions.  While a few truths are brought to the suffer, she is far from uncovering everything she desires to know.
Despite an awkward situation at the end of the chapter, it is evident to both the reader and the author that there are many more chapters ahead.  What lies in the future for Celestria Hale?  What of Alaire Sencler?  Their futures, like their hands, may or may not be intertwined.  Only she can tell you what happens when next you read Cursed with Power.

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