Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chapter 13...Awake

Memories are part of our lives.  They follow us, but for Celestria... Memories haunt her.  They are like ghosts...they are like falcons, swallowing her as they might a worm.  If she did not have the horrid memories of her past, perhaps she never would have become the person she did.  However, that is not the case.  The truth of the matter is everything that has occurred in her life cannot be undone.
Sometimes it is these memories alone that bring back the darkest moments of life.  Sometimes it is what you know in your mind that you fear the most in your heart.
And while she spends the entire night up there are only two thoughts on her mind:
Will Alaire live?
How did she ever get involved in all of this?

Excerpt from the chapter: “If I do not sleep I can keep myself from dreaming.  Thou cannot imagine what these dreams do to me.  They are like ghosts; they haunt me.  They are like falcons; they swoop down on me and have no mercy.”
            His hand touched mine, and he asked, “Why?”
            “My dreams bring back memories… Memories I do not care to remember.  Every time it gets worst and Dyanna haunts me the most.  She is dead, yet she seems to be mocking the truth I shall never know.  I will never know what happened to my Aunt Ilena, and she will never understand why I acted as I did.” I explained.  I moved my hand away from his when I finished.  There was something that did not seem right about that…

There was new material added into this chapter about Aunt Ilena.  I thought of the ideas one night and decided it needed to be added in, though now I think I may have to change the flow of chapter one.  The first scene about the dream will remain the same.  However, there is a bit that may need changing because I am hearing much too often that I'm "telling not showing" in that chapter.  Chapter 13 took me a bit of a while to finish because of the new additions I have added in and because Alaire's fate I am still attempting to determine.  As I work on chapter 14 it is difficult to say what will happen next for him.
Of course, if you haven't caught up in the story you have no idea what I am talking about.  Alaire, who is he?  Don't worry, I won't give away anything major as I continue with these updates.  This is merely for your convenience and I would never ruin a surprise for you.

Try to stay awake.  It may be all that keeps the nightmares from coming....

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