Sunday, December 5, 2010

A day with Arisen Darkness

The title explains it all --this is why I haven't finished chapter 14, haven't blogged earlier today, and have been losing my mind all day.  Like I told my friend, you have to be slightly insane to write.  (He doesn't believe me about that, though...)
My post about the making of STRONGER will be coming another time.  For now I must talk about Arisen Darkness because there is a fair chance it may go pubic tomorrow.  No promises, though; I can only write as much as my mind allows me to think.
A new summary will be coming up for Arisen Darkness because man has this book developed since day one.  Want to hear about it?  Too bad, I'm going to tell you about it whether you like it or no.
Originally I had two characters in this book named after two characters from another book of mine.  (Wait, did that make any sense?)  The main characters name was Daray --inspired by Daray in Guard the Sacred-- and his father's name was Malvagio --inspired by Daray's father in Guard the Sacred.  About halfway through the third chapter reality hit me.  Whoa, whoa, whoa, the characters in this book live in France.  Malvagio... That's a German word for "evil" or "dark" --I can't remember which and yes, I am too tired to look it up right now.  After reminding myself that I changed both of their names to French names.  (You're welcome.)  For some reason that is just really reassuring now.  (See, now we all can sleep after all.)
In one day I have written the first four chapters and I'm almost at 10,000.  I know I've said Certain Fate will go up, but just between you and me I think this book must come first because I've gotten addicted to it.  (Don't worry, though, Cursed with Power is still and always my main project I'm working on.)
Daray's name has changed to Leonce.  (There's an accent on the first "e" but again, am I really going to bother with copying an accent from Word?  Nope, not right now.)  He's certainly developed,  but...
I think it's safe to say Juliana has come along the furthest.  I did not know at first what her story was; I did not even understand how her and Leonce would meet.  Then, suddenly it came to me.  And I know you're wondering how it could come to me.  Well, I'll tell you how.  I was literally sitting in my room --for almost the entire day--listening to the same five songs over and over again.  (Not kidding; ask anyone who knows me.)  One song, above all hit me the most with what Juliana's main story to her life is.  

The open wound she hides
She just keeps it bundled up
And never lets it show
She can't take much more of this
But she can't let it go
And that's ok, she don't want the world

All the things she says
While he's just lying there
Without someone to hear her cry
She slips off into a dream
About a place to hide
And that's ok, she don't want the world

This love she feels
Everything she's ever known
Or ever thought was real
Seems like it's been thrown away
Now how's she gonna live
It's ok, she don't want the world

Those words he never spoke
Haunt her life, the memories
Of all the times before
She tried to show him love
While he would only ask for more
But it's ok, she don't want the world

Softly in her sleep
Pictures of the life she's longing
For slowly appear
She's seen them all before
But somehow never quite this clear
She just smiles, she don't want the world

This love she feels
Everything she's ever known
Or ever thought was real
Seems like it's been thrown away
Now how's she gonna live
It's ok, she don't want the world

A brand new morning shines
As she wakes up alone again
This time to face the day
She swears there's time to make it
As she simply walks away
And it's ok, she don't want the world
The song is called "She don't want the world" by 3 doors down.  If you've never listened to it before you definitely should. It's a brilliant song with an amazing meaning behind it.
Across this lake lays a destiny to be determined.  Or perhaps just more mountains... Either way, Leonce and Juliana are coming across that lake.  Soon you will be able to read how they do just this.  You will read their stories, as they unfold them to you, and in the back of your mind you may remember the voice giving you someone to talk to.
Playground school bell rings again
Rain clouds come to play again
Has no one told you she's not breathing?
Hello I'm your mind giving you someone to talk to

If I smile and don't believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken
Hello I am the lie living for you so you can hide
Don't cry

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
Hello I'm still here
All that's left of yesterday
"Hello" by Evanescene

Hope you will read the book when it's public.  I am very excited to share the story with you.  Please remember I do not own the lyrics or the pictures in this post.
Be there for the magic:

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Ah! This is absolutely amazing. I hope you do post it soon! (Though I want to read Certain Fate too.)

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